Course curriculum

    1. a) Lesson guide

    2. b) The Greek alphabet

    3. c) Pronunciation

    1. a) How to greet when you arrive

    2. b) How to greet when you leave

    3. c) How are you?

    4. Consolidation quiz 1

    1. a) My name is...

    2. b) Numbers

    3. c) Days, months, seasons

    4. d) 58 frequently used verbs with examples

    5. e) Prepositions of place

    6. f) Useful expressions of time

    7. g) Wishes

    8. h) I like - I don't like

    9. Consolidation quiz 2

    1. a) Where?

    2. b) When?

    3. c) Who? Whom? Whose? Which?

    1. a) The verbs "είμαι" (to be) and "έχω" (to have)

    2. b) How to use the Greek articles

    3. c) Cases: what they are and how to use them

    4. d) Present tense

    5. e) Simple past tense

    6. f) Simple future tense

    7. g) Continuous past tense

    8. h) The imperative mood

    9. i) Personal pronouns

    10. j) Possessive pronouns

    1. a) Food and drink

    2. b) The workplace

    3. c) Travelling

    4. d) Talking about people

About this course

  • Free
  • 34 lessons
  • Free interactive homework
  • Exam-oriented content

Key points

  • Independence

    Students will learn how to use the various components of the Modern Greek language to express their ideas in their own phrases.

  • Flexibility

    Each chapter is designed for self-paced studying. Following the lessons' order is suggested but not mandatory.

  • Foundation

    The course covers a wide range of vocabulary and grammar required in the Greek language exams for A1-A2.

  • Efficiency

    Each micro-lesson sets realistic, reachable goals that lead to a solid final result.

  • Detailed explanations

    Vocabulary and grammar points are explained with relevant examples, to avoid confusion.

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